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October 25, 2003:

Little Shell Benefit

Auction & Dance
Saturday Oct. 25th 2003

Community Center at York Rd. & Tizer Rd. in Helena, MT

Doors Open at 6:00PM

Auction with Auctioneer Dan McGown From 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Dancing with the Outriders Starts at 9:00 pm $5 Per Single / $8 Per Couple

Raffle for a Remingtion 257 and a Roberts Model 722 Rifle

Proceeds go to help pay for administrative costs for the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians while they await a ruling on their petition for recognition.

For Information Call Connie at 458-5773

For Directions on how to get there, Click HERE and type in the address where you will be starting from.

Little Shell Tribal Newsletter

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Little Shell Tribe Warriors


For centuries and eons past, our warriors have left their lodges to protect our homeland. Whether it is on the Plains of the continent or on foreign lands to prevent our enemies from invading ours. We are currently in a global war to fight terrorism and within hours of stopping a tyrant who is aiding the terrorist that attacked our homeland. We are proud that some of our Little Shell Warriors are at the fore-front of the fight. The Little Shell Website honors the commitment of our warriors who are currently over-seas and here at the homeland, whether they wear a military uniform, a Firefighter uniform, or a Police uniform, each are defending our homeland from nations who would want our destruction through weapons of mass destruction and weapons of terror.

We here at the Little Shell Website, shares with the Little Shell Tribal Council, in giving our thanks, our prayers, and our gratitude to all our people serving as protectors of our homeland and to their families for their Sacrifice they are making to keep our land free, safe, and secure.

We will sing for our warriors safe return and will celebrate their victory in battle with our enemies.

If you are currently an Enrolled Member of the Little Shell Tribe and you or members of your family are serving in the Armed Forces, Please send an e-mail to us at LittleShellWarrior@LittleShellTribe.com, we would like to hear from you and your stories. We will post them here on the Little Shell website. We will also forward your Story to the Little Shell Tribal Council.

Cpl Paul M. Houle, United States Army, 3rd Infantry Division

Special Birthday's

Mary Celina (McGillis) Lamere

Mary is will celebrate her 100th birthday on February 13, 2004. (Born Feb 13, 1904). She currently lives in a nursing home in Great Falls, Mt. Mary is the widow of Edward Lamere Sr. and was interviewed by the Little Shell Tribe for the Supplemental Evidence submitted for our Federal Recognition a couple of years ago, her memory and mind is still terrific. Her son, Ed Lamere, was the director of the Native American center in Great Falls Montana for 20 years before succumbing to a heart attack in 1990. The Native American Center closed it's doors in 1998 after going through several directors.

Let us celebrate our elders and if you are in Great Falls Montana this week, please stop by and and wish her a Happy Birthday!!!

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The Little Shell Tribe Newsletter is FREE to all Enrolled Tribal Members. It is published 12 months a year and is supported by particle funding by the Little Shell Tobacco Abuse Prevention Program. To place your name on the list for the newsletter, Click Here to get the Address/phone number to request your name and address be placed on the newsletter subscription list. The Contact is Toni Jo Atchison, Tobacco Abuse Prevention Specialist

Toni Jo Atchison, Little Shell Tobacco Abuse Prevention Specialist Announces Tribal Newsletter is FREE to Tribal Members

By the LittleShellTribe.com Webmaster:

Toni Jo Atchison, Little Shell Tribal Tobacco Abuse Prevention Specialist has announced that the Tribal newsletter is FREE to all Enrolled Tribal Members. Previously, a subscription of $10 was required for the newsletter and was published quartely. The subscription cost covered monies that funded the creation, mailing of the newsletter, along with helping with office expenses. Now, with funding provided in part under a contract with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program, and the Little Shell Tobacco Abuse Prevention Program, the Newsletter will be published 12 months a year. To place your name on the List for the newsletter (if you do not currently receive it), contact Toni Jo at the main office or write a letter requesting your name to be placed on it. Tribal and Non-Tribal members are still welcome and are encourgaged to send donations to the Office to help with tribal expenses.

To view the Little Shell Tribal Tobacco Prevention Program, Click Here


In order for the tribal government to operate and represent the members of the Little Shell Tribe through the Federal Recoginition process and enrollment, there is an immediate need for operating funds for office rent, clerical supplies, mailing, telephone services, and copier payments. Any size donation will help our tribe keep the doors open. Many thanks to the people who have contributed to the LST

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