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Little Shell Tribal Office

August 23, 2003

Meeting called to order at 9:30 AM by Chairman John Sinclair.  Invocation was given by Darrel Koke.    Present were John Sinclair, Darrel Koke, Larry Salois, Caroline Fleury, Ed Lavenger and Bob Van Gunten..  Alvina Allen was excused as she was fighting fires.  We have a quorum to conduct business.
Our guests this morning are Pam Bunte, who is doing the research on our petition and Kim Gotschalk, who is an Attorney for NARF.  Kim explained BARís work for recognition will take years for them to before we get our Federal Recognition. In last 2 years NARF has spent over $300,000.00 dollars to help us in getting our research done.  Going the Legislative way will be faster. We are sending a resolution to Patton Boggs law firm in Washington, DC, who are willing to work with us Pro Bono.  We need support from the Governor of Montana, plus our Montana Senators Baucus and Burns and from Representative Rehberg. Key people in Washington DC also need to be seen and talked to as we need to convince Congress to do this.  We have a very good chance for Congressional approval , which should have been done in the 1930ís. October will be the first time for some of our Council to go to Washington DC, then again in February or March.  Three (3) Council members are best for each trip.
January 10, 2004 is the end of our extension and NARF is committed to get the work done for BAR unless their funds run out.  John Gilbert is a very positive factor in our
Recognition process.  Legislation may take two (2) years with Patton Boggs law firm working for us. We only had 62% of our members proven to Pembina Indian Heritage and we will have up to 90% when Pamís research is done.  BAR may object to Congressional approval.
James Parker Shield presented a letter of suggestions to the Council on having a lobbyist to help with our recognition.   Bob Van Gun ten made a motion to refer Jamesí letter to the Federal Recognition committee to decide on that.  Second by Darrel Koke. 6 for 0 opposes Motion passes.   Bob Van Gun ten made a motion to for a Cover letter and our Resolution be sent to Patton Boggs law firm for their Pro Bono help on our Federal Recognition.  6 for 0 opposes    Motion passes.
If BAR approves our Petition it is a done deal.  If Congress approves they will ask BAR if we should be recognized. And they could say they have not reviewed our Petition.  Bar says the Little Shell have a moral claim to be recognized..
Meeting takes a break as Kim Gottschalk has to leave to go back to Colorado.

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John Sinclair

905 Center Dr.

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Darrel Koke

201 18th Ave. NW

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2nd Vice Chairman

Larry Salois

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Caroline Fleury

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Council Members

Alvina Allen

PO Box 1069

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Ed Lavenger

526 7th Street

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Bob Van Gun ten

PO Box 117

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105 Smelter Avenue N.E.* PO Box 1384 * Great Falls, MT 59403 * Ph. 406-452-2982 * Fax 406-452-2892