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Ojibway Logo Story
The Large Circle at the top with four projections represents Kitche manitou, the creator. A circle symbolized sprit; to denote great spirit, a larger circle was circumscribed around a smaller one.
The four projections indicate universal presence. The inverted semicircle below a symbol for Kitche Manitou represents sky and universe. Immediately below is the symbol of the sun; it represents life and time, linear and cyclic.
Under the sun is the image of man within a sphere. Together they represent human life and existence and being. Conjoining the symbol for life to the symbol for Kitche manitou is the line of life and power; with the two branches on either side sweeping upward and outward denoting the tree of life, plants upon which all beings are sustained.
The base for the life-line and the tree of life formed by a straight line represents the earth and rock, the substance of mother earth. The tipis in different styles image tribes, communities, societies, and families and mean different styles and modes of living. On either side of the figure of the encircled man are other men and women.
Those nearest to the central image with wavy lines emerging from their lips reflect speech, history, languages, and stories. Next to the speakers are women, symbols of the primacy and constancy of womankind.
The figures most remote from the center mirror sustenance and patterns of life. The four orders of animals, tree of life, earth, and men and women represent being and existence and time.

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Toni Jo Atchison, Little Shell Tobacco Abuse Prevention Specialist Announces Tribal Newsletter is FREE to Tribal Members

By the LittleShellTribe.com Webmaster:

Toni Jo Atchison, Little Shell Tribal Tobacco Abuse Prevention Specialist has announced that the Tribal newsletter is FREE to all Enrolled Tribal Members. Previously, a subscription of $10 was required for the newsletter and was published quartely. The subscription cost covered monies that funded the creation, mailing of the newsletter, along with helping with office expenses. Now, with funding provided in part under a contract with the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services, Montana Tobacco Use Prevention Program, and the Little Shell Tobacco Abuse Prevention Program, the Newsletter will be published 12 months a year. To place your name on the List for the newsletter (if you do not currently receive it), contact Toni Jo at the main office or write a letter requesting your name to be placed on it. Tribal and Non-Tribal members are still welcome and are encourgaged to send donations to the Office to help with tribal expenses.

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