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Corporal Paul M. Houle

Description: Upon a blue square three white stripes from heraldic sinister chief to dexter base, the blue background between the white stripes, all within a green border.

Symbolism: The three white stripes are symbolic of six campaigns (formerly referred to as three major operations) in which the division participated in World War 1. The blue field symbolizes the loyalty of those who placed their lives on the altar of self-sacrifice in defense of the American ideals of liberty and democracy
I am an enrolled member of the Little Shell Tribe. My name is Paul Houle. I am from Great Falls, MT. I am a Corporal in the Army, I'm in the 3rd Infantry Division at Ft Stewart, Ga. I recently returned from fighting in Iraq. I'm proud to defend our nation, and our people.


Paul M. Houle

Webmaster Note: The Picture of Cpl Houle was taken in Kuwait right before the war started.

If you would like to send a message to Cpl Paul M. Houle, Send an e-mail to and I will see to it he get's your message.
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