All drivers or car owners must have auto insurance in Florida. The policy must provide the minimum coverage as mandated by the state law. The state of Florida requires drivers of four wheelers and bigger vehicles to have minimum personal injury protection, liability against damage caused to property and bodily injury liability. These minimum amounts […]

The Unthinkable Imagine the unthinkable happens, and on the way home from work, a father of a two and a loving and dedicated husband is hit head on in an automobile collision. He doesn’t make it more than a few moments before he passes from this life to the next. After the funeral services, after […]

Every homeowner sometime or another will experience issues within their home. This is a given. Knowing if these issues are covered by your home insurance policy is important! Before you begin collecting your Florida homeowners quotes determine what is and is not covered by your policy. Homeowners can agree that electrical issues in your home are […]