Auto Insurance Florida Drivers Are Required To Purchase

All drivers or car owners must have auto insurance in Florida. The policy must provide the minimum coverage as mandated by the state law. The state of Florida requires drivers of four wheelers and bigger vehicles to have minimum personal injury protection, liability against damage caused to property and bodily injury liability. These minimum amounts pertain to both the car owner or driver and the fellow commuter or driver who is involved in the accident. There may be more than two people adversely affected in the accident. Florida is a state where no fault auto insurance is required according to Hence, it doesn’t matter who has caused the accident or who is at fault, the coverage will be applicable regardless. Of course, fault matters but not at the time of an emergency when an injured person needs financial assistance and insurance complications deny them the necessary help.

You need auto insurance in Florida that has a minimum coverage of ten thousand dollars as personal injury protection, ten thousand dollars for liability against property damage and ten thousand dollars for bodily injury liability. The bodily injury liability coverage can be piled with the personal injury protection. The minimum coverage necessary is twenty thousand dollars for these two and the entire sum may be available for bodily injury liability in some policies. The absolute minimum coverage drivers should have assured by their auto insurance in Florida is twenty thousand dollars, split evenly for personal injury protection and liability against damage caused to property. 

What is required or legally mandated, is not the sum you should seek for when getting auto insurance quote in Florida at You must opt for much higher coverage. You should also go for more comprehensive coverage. Personal injury and personal liability against property damage or bodily injury are not the only issues you must be conscious of. Auto insurance in Florida should also cover collision damage, uninsured motorist coverage and comprehensive coverage. These are optional but anyone who drives almost every day and substantial distances should consider such add-ons. The optional coverage would cost more but if one factors in the risks and how they are mitigated or completely taken care of, then the extra investment makes sense and potentially saves a driver or car owner from major financial problems. The exact cost of auto insurance in Florida depends on various factors. The specific coverage too will vary depending on the same and some other factors.